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A Documentary on Life, Love & Quilt Squares

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Pieced Together

The first documentary about the American quilt square trail movement, the film tells the story of how one woman’s love for her mother changed the American landscape and saved her life after job loss, breast cancer, and multiple health concerns.
Donna Sue Groves had an idea: pretty up an old barn for her mother Nina Maxine, a celebrated quilter, by hanging a wooden square painted to look like a traditional quilt block. A community organizer by trade, she thought why stop with just one square? So Donna Sue got together with her neighbors in Adams County, Ohio and created a driving trail of squares hung on barns to attract tourists looking for a day trip who might stop and spend money on gas, food, or crafts made by local artists. The first quilt square, an "Ohio Star," was hung in 2001 and Nina Maxine finally got her quilt square, a green and purple "Snail's Trail," in 2003.
This innovative idea sparked a grassroots phenomenon and a new form of American folk art. Some people call them barn quilts, others call them quilt barns or quilt squares. Now over 15 years later, more than 40 states have organized quilt trails, including Maryland. Garrett County’s scenic trail started in 2008 and now displays 42 barn quilts, while our own Carroll County Barn Quilt Trail is up to 31 since it began in 2013. From Ohio to California, Tennessee to Prince Edward Island, thousands of quilt squares are waiting to be discovered by enthusiastic travelers.
Filmmaker Julianne Donofrio, a Peabody Award-winning veteran of ABC News, stumbled upon a quilt square in Tennessee in the summer of 2009 and learned of Donna Sue through a “pink” web page created by the quilt trail organizers in Garrett County, MD, to help raise funds for Donna Sue’s breast cancer battle. Over the next four years, Julianne followed Donna Sue's journey, interviewed organizers and volunteers, and documented quilt trails and events in California, Illinois, Iowa, Maryland, and Ohio.
  Scheduled: bulletThursday, September 20, 2018     1 pm
bulletThursday, September 20, 2018     7:30 pm
  Cost: $5 - no discounts
  For more information: Documentary website
  Location: The Carroll Arts Center, 91 West Main Street, Westminster, MD, 21157  View Google Map



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